By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Understand the role of designers/design
  • Understand that creativity is an everyday skill
  • Understand the role of nature in design

Class Length

40 minutes

Year Groups

All ages


Computer, projector, printed handouts, pencils, ear buds.

Lesson Structure

1. Everyday Problem Solving

  • Where does creativity exist in our Daily Lives?
  • Who is a problem solver?

2. The role of a designer

  • Challenging the way things are in the world
  • Finding Problems
  • Solving Problems

3. Biomimicry

  • Bio = Nature
  • Mimic = To replicate/copy
  • Biomimicry is copying nature to solve problems.

Lesson Activities

Activity 1

Purpose: Students will be asked to modify/transform an object they would see regularly in everyday life. They will be asked to find another use for this object. This will prove to them that it is possible to think laterally and find other/alternative solutions to problems.

Activity 2

Students will be asked to select an animal or plant from nature that they admire and study it. From the study, they will be asked to use this animal/plant as inspiration for designs for the following items:

  • Superhero
  • Equipment for a hobby
  • New phone
  • New car shape
  • Something wild and whacky