By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  • Understand how the Design Heuristic tool can be used to transform ideas.
  • Use the Design Heuristic tool to transform ideas.

Class Length

40 minutes

Year Groups

All ages


Computer, projector, printed handouts, pencils.

Lesson Structure

1. Introduction to Idea Transformation

  • Pushing ideas further using the Design Heuristic tool.
  • Understand the importance of developing multiple possible solutions.

2. Using Design Heuristics transform ideas

  • Design Heuristics can be used to modify / alter existing solutions.
  • Supports the development of initial ideas and existing products.
  • Supports overcoming fixation.

Lesson Activities

Activity 1

Transforming a Superhero (Lesson5)

Purpose: To transform initial ideas generated in the Superhero activity. Students will push these initial ideas further by transforming the ideas using Design Heuristics.

Activity 2

Transform an existing product.

Purpose: To transform modify an existing product using the Design Heuristic tool.

Activity 3

Transforming ideas in teams.

Purpose: To promote collaboration during a transformation design activity.

Students work together modifying their transformed ideas towards a final transformed idea.

A reflection on the transformation process will also occur.